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Maine State Fossil, Pertica quadrifaria: Fact sheet describing Maine's state fossil, the early land plant Pertica quadrifaria.

Introduction to the "Green Algae": This set of pages from the UC Museum of Paleontology introduces the fossil record, life history, systematics and morphology of the "green algae".

Introduction to Cnidaria: These pages from the UC Museum of Paleontology discuss the fossil record, life history, systematics and morphology of the Cnidarians.

Utah’s Wildlife in the Ice Age: This site, from the Utah Geological Survey, features a summary of northern Utah fossils, giving us a deeper understanding of wildlife that came before us.

Geology of British Columbia: A description of the geologic and tectonic history of the province.

Enchanted Learning's Dinosaur Fossils Found in Canada: A list of dinosaurs found in Canada, by province.

Fossils of Northern British Columbia: A nice site with information on fossils in general, life through time from a BC perspective, BC fossil localities, and more.

Carrot River Valley Fossils: A page describing the fossils recovered from the Carrot River Valley, Saskatchewan.

Quaternary Geology of the Yukon Territory: A pdf describing the Quaternary geology of the Yukon Territory.

The Trace Fossil Mystery: This site helps explain the origins of trace fossils found in eastern Canada.

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